Who is Mohsin Ali?

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How I Started My Personal Blog

For years I wanted to write on the economic and political issues, my personal life experiences, early education and many other things. I wish, I would have started writing back then, but I was afraid then and now because I am not a professional writer and never intended to be.

English, though it’s not the first language known to me, in fact not even second on my list; after Urdu (Pakistan’s official language), Punjabi (mother tongue), Arabic (reading skills) and so English becomes the 4th language to me, so I tend to make mistakes. It’s hard to explain to you that why I choose the English language to write in first place, may be because I want to embrace my love for this global language.

As I knew I wanted to write and share my understandings and experiences, but I wasn’t entirely sure of how and what to write. Without hesitation, I signed up for LinkedIn Publishing Platform in 2014 and wrote my first blog post about digital marketing industry in the UAE. I had no idea what I was doing, but I had the passion to learn and grow, so I did just that. My wife, Mehak, and I would spend hours reading books, online blogs, and watching TED Talks and YouTube to gain knowledge-base on various topics from learning how to use DSLR cameras (to capture life moments of our new born cute little princess Shanzeh back in 2012), baby clothing, toys and accessories shopping online, online fashion bloggers, current affairs blogs and many more interesting stuff.

So recently, in December of 2016, I decided to pen this personal blog MohsinAliw.com, where I can share personal style snaps, ideas, travel, marketing tools, and the many things I love.

Let me tell you straight, I went into the process of building a personal blog without any expectations, but just to share stories, experiences, ideas, and tools that inspire me to be productive in this real world. It’s amazing what can happen when you truly love what you’re doing (for me, writing is truly a love-hate equation). Every hour that is not being spent at my current job, I’ve decided to spend spare time working on #MyBlog – writing posts, exploring worth sharing content, digital marketing consultation for brands, real entrepreneur life experiences, online marketing training, photography, supporting social causes (like; early education, human rights), fashion and styling, inspiration to learn, the list went on and on.

The thing about my new journey is that it is still being written and every day brings a new adventure or opportunity, that’s what is so exciting and thrilling.

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Mohsin Ali Warraich

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